Tunnel Hill Reclamation Landfill is now WIN Waste Innovations

WIN Waste Innovations Proposes Improvements at New Lexington Facility

Friday, August 27, 2021

WIN Waste Innovations (formerly Tunnel Hill Reclamation) is seeking permission to increase the usable area of our existing property — a process we began publicly in 2018 — which also will allow us to manage waste more efficiently and address some issues left over from part of our property that was once a strip mine.

As part of our environmental commitment, we plan to remove 274 acres of mine spoil and enhance preventive measures that keep water there from entering the environment.

In our permit application, which is now being considered by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, we are asking to increase the maximum usable area of our property from the current 118 acres to 274 acres — within the existing land we own. As part of our commitment to our neighbors, we will keep the distance of our working area to adjacent properties to at least 3,000 to 5,000 feet — as much as 10 times the distance required by the state.

With this application, we’re also asking for a maximum of 12,000 tons of waste per day, an increase from 8,000. Because of the design of our landfill, we are able to do this in one-third of the additional space that would be needed at most other landfills. But we must still follow rigid state laws to ensure we continue operating safely, which we’ve been doing for years.

We already employ 50 local workers and spend about $8 million on local purchases. We anticipate that this project will invest at least $20 million a year in additional local wages and purchases, which will sustain jobs at our facility and those of our suppliers.

A public hearing on our “permit to install” is scheduled for Tuesday, August 31, at 6 p.m. at the Perry County Senior Center. We encourage members of the public to attend.