Tunnel Hill Reclamation Landfill is now WIN Waste Innovations

Active Landfill Projects Lead to Continuous Improvement

Monday, August 19, 2019

Tunnel Hill Reclamation’s 2019 projects represent our commitment to continuous improvement.

New Disposal Area

Construction of the next permitted disposal area is nearly complete. This project consists of installing a new 10-acre composite liner system, part of an ongoing process that is repeated as new parts of the landfill come into use. The liner is an impermeable sheet of specialized plastic that is installed over a thick layer of clay to keep landfill liquid out of the groundwater below the landfill. Miller Brothers Construction, of Archbold, Ohio, is the contractor on this exciting project.

Landfill Gas Collection System Expansion

We continue to work hard to minimize potential impacts to our neighbors while complying with all applicable laws and regulations. We do this by strictly following our gas management plan and investing heavily in an extensive network of gas collection wells and pipes. This system collects the landfill gas and sends it to a flare, where it is burned off. In 2019, THR completed the 13th expansion of this system since 2013, and the expansion will continue as new sections of the landfill come into use.

This system was installed as part of THR’s formal landfill gas management plan and captures the gases produced by wastes, which naturally decompose, to prevent them from escaping the landfill.

Of course, THR continually tracks gas emissions, performing daily, weekly and monthly monitoring along with routine maintenance to minimize and control emissions (see our post concerning THR’s odor control plan).

Phase 13 of the gas collection system expansion was completed in July. Greenbright Environmental, of Ray, Ohio, installed the gas collection and control system expansion.

Landfill Infrastructure Construction

We’re making significant investments in developing additional infrastructure on the east side of the landfill. In May, we started a large project to add additional roads, environmental monitoring wells, electrical distribution, landfill wastewater storage tank capacity and landfill gas infrastructure. This large construction project will ensure continued operational excellence at Tunnel Hill Reclamation. This project involves 800,000 cubic yards of earthwork. The general contractor for this project is The Beaver Excavating Company of Canton, Ohio.