Tunnel Hill Reclamation Landfill is now WIN Waste Innovations


September 14, 2021

Ray Lewis Settles in as GM of WIN Waste in New Lexington

Ray Lewis was managing a fleet of 125 armored trucks in Texas in the early 2000s, when he happened to meet a manager for BFI during a golf event. The…

Our Commitment, Investment and Impact

WIN Waste Innovations in New Lexington delivers positive economic impact to the Perry County community and beyond in the form of jobs, the purchase of goods and services, taxes and…
August 27, 2021

WIN Waste Innovations Proposes Improvements at New Lexington Facility

WIN Waste Innovations (formerly Tunnel Hill Reclamation) is seeking permission to increase the usable area of our existing property — a process we began publicly in 2018 — which also…
August 20, 2020

150-foot flare erected to enhance environmental protections

Tunnel Hill Reclamation is continuing to improve and provide enhanced environmental protections. A new 150-ft tall landfill gas flare was activated on August 14, 2020.  This flare will replace the…
June 9, 2020

Managing Wastes Efficiently

Tunnel Hill Reclamation continually works to manage wastes efficiently and safely. Some recent photos show our team at work. The first picture shows general daily operations and, to the right,…

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